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Our research is available to a wide audience.

Run your own model

Our hydrological data and model source codes are hosted on IU’s exceptional High-Performance Computing cyberinfrastructure. Collaborators can run their own models by modifying the input files or mine the huge caches of modeling output files stored on Big Red 200 and analyze the data to answer questions related to their own disciplines.

Contact Professor Chen Zhu with your idea and needs.

Visualizing climate change impacts on the hydrology of the Wabash Basin

This interactive interface created with R Shiny can be used to explore maps, graphs, and tables of projected climate change impacts on the hydrology of the Wabash River Basin.

The Wabash River Basin hydrological model is a live model. It will be continually updated with new and better data and additional model components, such as 3-dimensional groundwater flow.

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