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To better assess water resources availability in the future, we used the USDA Soil-Water Assessment Tool software package and climate projections from an ensemble of 10 global climate models (GCMs) to simulate climate change impacts on the water cycles in the Wabash River Basin, which covers most of Indiana. Our computer simulations predicted the water cycles to the year 2100 under two IPCC CO2 emission scenarios: RCP 4.5 and 8.5, representing a medium- and high-emissions scenario, respectively.

Successful management of water resources requires us all not only to put the best sciences into our forecasts but also to change the ways that scientific results are communicated. We have endeavored to make the model and modeling results accessible to scholar collaborators and policy makers, and the public.

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Some modeling results are shown as interactive plots, maps, and data download. Users can click on a subbasin of interest, choose a CO2 emission scenario, and choose a time period. The maps will show forecasts of precipitation, streamflow level, and soil moisture. Please note that all models carry uncertainties and the hydrological models propagate the uncertainties in the atmospheric circulation model errors. You can access the results with IU CAS login credentials.

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Future Water Computations

Computations are done by water resource experts and scholar collaborators. Our hydrological data and model source codes will be hosted on IU’s exceptional High-Performance Computing cyberinfrastructure. Collaborators can either run their own models by modifying the input files or mine the huge catches of modeling output files stored on Big Red II and analyze the data to answer questions related to their own disciplines. These models could become research infrastructure for student dissertation research across schools and disciplines with downstream applications, for instances of flood frequency forecasting, social-economic modeling, and animal migrations. We envision a near future where our models and gateway, once fully developed, become a platform for future research collaboration and service toward better management of water quantity and water quality in Indiana.

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The Future Water gateway is part of the "Prepared for Environmental Change" Grand Challenge

Gateway PI: Chen Zhu

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The Future Water Science Gateway is hosted at SciGaP gateway platform managed by Science Gateways Research Center

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The Gateway is based on Apache Airavata